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Exciting Times at P A Support Services Well we really are in the midst of exciting times at P A Support Services, we’ve taken on a number of new clients, started working with a new CRM system, brought onboard a new associate and we’re looking to expand even further.

We are hoping in the next few months to partner with businesses coaches both local and nationwide to provide quality business support solutions to their clients.  So today we’re going to discuss the link between a VA and a business coach.

No more false starts for you!

We want to work alongside you and your coach to ensure that when you’ve got a brilliant idea we’ve got the practical tools to help you make it a successful reality.  After all, it’s great being energised by a session with your coach and wanting to move forwards with your business often it’s quite another putting all that energy into something practical that yields results.

How do we make that happen?

If you’re currently working with a coach ask them if they are partnered with a VA company or whether they can recommend one.  It may be that they work with several VAs and match their clients to an appropriate VA on the basis of temperment, skill sets or other criteria.  It may be that they hadn’t considered the link between a VA and a business coach for their clients before.

If you’re a coach, we’d love to talk to you.  We know that not all clients are built the same and not all VAs will be right for all people so we offer you the same no-obligation initial consultation we offer our direct clients.  That way we can be sure we’re helping you to form the right strategic alliances for your clients.

What kind of support can you provide?

Well P A Support Services can provide social media management, content marketing, diary & email management, cold calling, research, copywriting, financial reporting, customer relationship management, presentation creation and copy/audio typing.  We can also partner with trusted colleagues for a range of other services, giving you the ability to pass over entire projects for us to handle on your behalf.

Sound too good to be true?

Make up your own mind, contact me today and let’s find out how we can help you.

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