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Always Have a Spare Pen

always have a spare pen

It seems obvious to always have a spare pen when you say it like that doesn’t it? Admit it, how many of you actually have a spare pen on your person every time you go out? Today is the day we change that. You know why? I’ll explain why having a spare pen is on my mind this week.

I have a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting every Tuesday morning at 6:30am. I love it, it’s an opportunity to network with local businesses, build relationships with them and work together to help each other grow and succeed. This Tuesday, like every Tuesday, I was making sure that whilst people were presenting their elevator pitches to the room I was taking notes on what made them special and what opportunities they were most looking for. Now of course I’ve talked about digital notetaking before and for the majority of notes in my business it’s important I can access them whenever and whereever I am. However I would like to make a confession.

My name is Rosie and I am a stationery addict

I absolutely love the fountain pen I got for my 40th birthday and use it to take notes in my beautiful purple Malden Fileofax and I find the phsyical act of taking notes can be an important part of processing information. There, I said it. I absolutely love EverNote and that elephant icon is on my desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. I use that piece of software multiple times every single day and it’s wonderful. I also use my pen and paper, every, single, day.

So what’s the point of this story? Why am I banging on about the importance of a spare pen? Well the worst thing that can happen to a fountain pen happened whilst I was taking notes on Tuesday morning. It ran out of ink. The meeting wasn’t going to stop or slow down for me and I didn’t want to lose track of the information being shared, fortunately many years ago I was a Girl Guide and being prepared has become second nature. So I always have a spare pen. I reached into my bag, grabbed it and continued taking notes, I didn’t miss any information from any of my colleagues.

So that’s my story of the week – not the new physiotherapist client we’ve taken on for Virtual Reception and Patient Management or the new associate that is working with us to ensure that no matter how busy we get every single call that comes through our system will be handled with the highest of customer service. It’s not the new client in Germany that I am working with to update her website and processes or the client coming to see me today to discuss how a VA can help ensure his business runs smoothly whilst he is out of the country for 4 months.

This week it’s all about having a spare pen because it demonstrates being prepared, having a plan for if something doesn’t go to plan and our ability to seemlessly move from one to the other to ensure quality service. Now do you see why I always have a spare pen?

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