5 Tips to Help you Choose A VA

Top 5 Tips to Help You Choose a VA With outsourcing being all the rage for small businesses to allow them to scale more cost-effectively I see questions on social media and meet people at networking events all the time who want to understand exactly how they find the...
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Top 7 Time Management Tips

Here are my Top 7 Time Mangement Tips. Time management is on my mind this week as I was invited to speak at The Inspire Network NE Darlington meeting yesterday. The topic I chose to speak about was Time Management and the feedback from the attendees was fantastic....
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Always Have A Spare Pen

Always Have a Spare Pen It seems obvious to always have a spare pen when you say it like that doesn’t it? Admit it, how many of you actually have a spare pen on your person every time you go out? Today is the day we change that. You know why? I’ll explain...
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Business Planning Matters

Whatever your business, planning matters Yesterday I took a day out of my business to attend a Digital Strategy day which was organised by BlueSky Think and supported by Di Gates of Stick Theory to look at my business planning. I’ve been running P A Support...
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Virtual to Physical

We have moved from purely virtual to physical offices Presenting the new offices of P A Support Services.  We are now able to provide additional secretarial services and a hot desk alongside our existing virtual assistance and social media packages. It’s been a...
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The link between a VA and a Business Coach

Well we really are in the midst of exciting times at P A Support Services, we’ve taken on a number of new clients, started working with a new CRM system, brought onboard a new associate and we’re looking to expand even further. We are hoping in the next...
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I’m Rosie Brent, I’m a Virtual Assistant who loves making technology work for you. I am a social media specialist with a profound Twitter and Instagram addiction.

Talk to me about designing and implementing systems, processes & disaster recovery plans as well as social media strategy and training.